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Maureen Mitchell

Original Mixed Media Work, Commissioned Portraiture

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Artist's Statement
Magic, mystery, the undiscovered, the simple truth - all that resides just beyond the stagefront that we call reality....that's what inspires and motivates me and drives my work. Portraits offer a great opportunity to find the magic and reveal the purity of spirit that forms our core. Children and animals are my favorite portrait subjects as they radiate such a genuine freshness and innocence, caught up in the simple delight of being themselves. Nature also offers an endless source of wonder, mystery, fascination and inspiration. Any time spent outdoors provides a rush of revelation and sensation...the smell of wet leaves, the incredible chartreuse of moss, the soft, silken whisper of bird wings in flight, the sparkle and splash of fish at the water's surface, the feel of gnarled bark on a hundred year old tree. All this transports me and I find myself drawing, composing and modeling something new in my studio. The inspiration flows into the process and I am off and running.
Once begun, the process of making art ebbs and flows, changes direction and evolves  from  connection  to  connection  as  I  experiment with media and method.  Printmaking  and  drawing  in  colored  pencil  and  pastel are my foundations.  The  visceral appeal of the print studio, the meditative  quality  of  colored  pencil  work  and the sheer joy of pastel colors always keep me coming back for more.
Born  and  raised  in  the Midwest, I made the move to Seattle in the 70's  and  earned  my  BFA in Printmaking at the University of Washington. Although  raising  a  family  and  holding  a full time job took precedence in the years that followed, I always found time for art. A Signature Member of  CPSA,  Colored Pencil Society of America, my colored pencil, pastel and mixed media work ranges  from portraits to haunting and provocative still  life and florals. Many of my original colored pencil works as well as over 1,000 giclee prints featuring Alaskan landscape and wildlife  currently  hang  in  the  public  areas and guest rooms at Denail Princess  Wilderness  Lodge  and Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge in Alaska. Additional work hangs onboard cruise ship Sapphire Princess.

Colored Pencil Society of America, Signature Showcase Book, limited edition, 2010

Classroom Monitor, Gage Fine Art Academy, 2009-2010
Voting Member, Public Art Selection, Smith Cove Cruise Terminal Art Planner Selection Panel, 2009-2010
Volunteer Art Instructor, Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club, 2009

Exhibition - 6th International CPSA “Explore This” Exhibition - Seattle 2010
Award - Western Washington Fair Juried Art Exhibition 2009
Exhibition – Renton Annual Art Fair, Juried Show 2009
Exhibition – Kenmore Annual Art Fair, Juried Show 2007 & 2008
Exhibition - Juried Annual Show, Columbia City Gallery – Seattle 2007
Award – Signature Status -10th International CPSA Exhibition - Ft. Worth 2002
Exhibition - Gallery at the Shoreline Center, Seattle 2002
Award - Western Washington Fair Juried Art Exhibition 2001
Exhibition - Edmonds Art Fair Juried Competition 2001
Exhibition - 8th International CPSA Exhibition - Detroit  2000
Exhibition - Carnegie Center - Oregon City 2000
Award - Western Washington Fair Juried Art Exhibition 1999
Exhibition - 7th International CPSA Exhibition - Seattle 1999
Award - Western Washington Fair Juried Art Exhibition 1998



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